Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Fine Art Project

This was for my Fine Art Project. Basically what I did, was go around town with some mates, with aload of pens and paper. Asked random people to write a sign, of basically anything they want (Like their thoughts, lines they like and so on) I did this the whole day till I got differnt range of photos, by differnt sorts of people.

i was inspired by V for Vendetta, the whole protest against Scientology and blog secrets.

I found this project really interesting, well this part when I went around taking photos. It was very hard to find people up for doing this, even when i explained they would be wearing a mask. But overal I was pleased on how these had turned out.

I kept all the signs the people wrote, and made a booket, which is part of my sketch book work. I found it really interesting what people actually wrote, and the fact they wrote it in their handwriting.. made it more personal.

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  1. I recognize some of these from your final piece for fine art. I think it was a great idea. And I agree that writing them thoughts in people's actual handwriting makes it more personal.